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24V To 5V 2.5A MICRO Straight Plug 0.85m

- Input voltage: 24V DC

- Output voltage: 5V DC

- Maximum output current: 2.5A (12.5W)

- Efficiency: >90%

- Operating temperature: -40°C to 85°C

- Cable length: 0.85 meters (or 2.8 feet)

- Connector type: Micro USB (or similar)

- Protection features: Over-current, over-voltage, short-circuit, over-temperature

- Dimensions: 48*26*16MM
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一、About product

The product is a step-down voltage regulator that converts a 24V DC input voltage down to a 5V DC output voltage with a maximum output current of 2.5A. The "MICRO" likely refers to the size and form factor of the regulator, meaning it is small enough to be used with micro-electronic devices. The "straight plug" and "0.85m" may refer to the type of connector and cable length respectively.

This type of product is commonly used in electronic projects where a steady 5V voltage source is required but the input voltage available, such as from a power supply or battery, is higher than 5V. The voltage regulator ensures that the output voltage remains stable regardless of fluctuations in the input voltage or changes in the load being powered by the regulator.

二、Product details

- Input voltage: 24V DC

- Output voltage: 5V DC

- Maximum output current: 2.5A (12.5W)

- Efficiency: >90%

- Operating temperature: -40°C to 85°C

- Cable length: 0.85 meters (or 2.8 feet)

- Connector type: Micro USB (or similar)

- Protection features: Over-current, over-voltage, short-circuit, over-temperature

- Dimensions: 48*26*16MM

- Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS, and other safety and environmental standards may apply, depending on the manufacturer and the application.

Some possible use cases for such a step-down converter could be:

- Powering a 5V device (such as a phone, tablet, Raspberry Pi, or Arduino) from a 24V source (such as a battery, a solar panel, a car, or an industrial machine).

- Reducing the voltage and noise in a circuit that requires stable and regulated power.

- DIY projects, prototypes, or experiments that involve different voltage levels and interfaces.

- Replacement or upgrade of an existing power supply that is no longer compatible or efficient.

三、The competitive advantage of product line:

The company has passed CE/ROHS certification. OEM and ODM service is available.

High efficiency: A good step-down converter can convert the input voltage to the desired output with minimal loss of power, which translates into longer battery life, lower heat dissipation, and better performance.

Reliable performance: A well-designed and tested converter should provide stable and consistent output voltage and current, even under varying load conditions, input voltage fluctuations, or environmental changes.

Compact and portable: A small and lightweight converter with a micro straight plug and 0.85m cable length can be easy to install, transport, and use in tight spaces or on-the-go situations.

Wide compatibility: A converter with a micro USB connector can be compatible with many devices that use 5V DC power, such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, sensors, or development boards, making it versatile and convenient.

Safety and protection: A converter with built-in safety features such as over-current, over-voltage, short-circuit, and over-temperature protection can prevent damages to the device, the converter itself, or the users, and increase the lifespan and reliability of the system.

Cost-effective: A competitively priced converter that offers good value for the money, with a reasonable warranty, customer support, and after-sales service, can attract more customers who are searching for an affordable and efficient solution for their power needs.

Overall, the competitive advantage of a 24V to 5V 2.5A MICRO straight plug 0.85m step-down converter would depend on how well it meets the requirements and expectations of the customers in terms of quality, performance, convenience, compatibility, safety, and affordability, compared to other similar products in the market.

四、Production capacity:

Product Line Name

Production Line Capacity

Actual Units Produced(Previous Year)

Power converter/Step-down converter/DC converter

Power converter: 40,000 Pcs / Month, Step-down converter: 1,000 Pcs / Month, DC converter: 40,000 Pcs / Month

Power converter: 400,000 Pcs, Step-down converter: 10,000 Pcs, DC converter: 400,000 Pcs


1. Are you a manufacturer?
Yes! We are a professional leading manufacturer engaged in the R & D, production, sale and service of DC-DC, AC-DC switching power, we have developing team with above 15 years experience can offer personalized power solutions.
2. What is your MOQ? Delivery time? Shipping Cost?
The MOQ is only 1pcs. The delivery time and shipping cost depends on the quantity of goods, shipping method and country.
3. Can I get samples?
Yes. We can send samples for checking. We usually choose Express delivery to send samples for quick testing.
4. Do you support OEM & ODM?

Yes, we can customize the product logo, packaging and specifications you need.
5. How to place an order?
Please send PO to Service and we will draft the Alibaba insurance order for you according to your needs. The payment methods we support include T/T, Western Union, paypal, etc
6. How can you make sure your quality? What's your products warranty?
We only use the best quality (original) parts to ensure that our product standards are the highest. All the products we sell are produced by experienced workers and 100% have been strictly inspected by QC department before shipping. The warranty is 1 year.


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