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What Calculus Wants To Do

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Calculus Power Factory

Calculus is striving to become the employer of choice by creating a culture based on doing the right thing for clients and each other. We accept the fact that each person in our company brings a unique perspective and wealth of experience to their position, bringing professional products and services to our clients. We capitalise on this by partnering to provide an exceptional customer experience and one-stop service. Our goal is to become the market leader in electrical equipment and power supplies. Since 2011, Calculus has been providing quality products and services worldwide. Each power source has a corresponding converter, providing the perfect bridge for each home and communication. Our power converters are the perfect supplier for hardware stores and supermarkets because the power converters for these sales locations are supplied by us in high quality. Here you will find a wide variety of power converters, switching power supplies, inverters, or whatever else you are looking for. Not only that, we can also customize transformers of different voltage, current and power according to customer needs, such as DC 24v to 12v, adjustable DC 60v17a switching power supply or continuous rated power 5000w input power 110/220v inverter. I plant the production of transformers to provide you with first-class custom voltage and current. I hope our products can add a touch of magic to your life and bring more good memories to your life. Here are some of the details we offer our valued customers.



We have endless customization options to suit our customers. Each power converter is precisely customized to fit your brand identity and offers a wide range of colors and designs. Choose from our wide range of voltage and current designs and color themes to suit your business or any other personal needs. We understand that each business's target marketing, vision and values are different. So we're giving our customers an open option to order something they really want. Frosted aluminum shell and glossy silver plated /ABS plastic with a variety of add-ons such as circuit boards, silver plated, aluminum alloys, ABS plastics, etc., help your brand positive and allow you to earn more profit.

There is no doubt that our custom power converters produced with sturdy aluminum housing and ABS plastic give packaged goods a perfect presentation to appeal to their recipients. In order to provide your customers or guests with quality power converters, choosing us is your best choice. These best-in-class power converters not only add value to your organization, but they also have a lasting impact on your competitors.

If you need an efficient and stable power converter to provide power, Calculus Technologies Limited is your ideal choice. Our team of experts have extensive experience in marketing and design, and we are also available to provide professional advice if you need it. In addition, we also politely offer reasonable prices to our customers. We do not require any setup or minimum cost and you absolutely do not have to worry about any hidden charges. What are you waiting for? Please leave us a message via email or phone, we are always at your service. Order your own personalized power converter for free starting today!


Huizhou Calculus Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer specializing in the R&D, production, sales and service of DC-DC and AC-DC converter.




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